Stefan Britvik (born in 1955, in the Czech Republic) studied clarinet and music conduction in the Conservatory of Prague. Later he carried private studies with Zdenek Kosler (who was a conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, National Theatre Orchestra and cooperated with many famous European and Japanese orchestras) and with Premysl Charvat (concuctor of the Opera Orchestra of the National Theatre).

Conductor Štefan Britvík

“Music is a precious gift for me and I feel obliged to accept this exceptional gift with most gratitude and joy”

After his studies he started to work as a conductor and a choir – conductor. As a choir-conductor with The Czech Radio Choir he cooperated with many famous and well-known orchestras and conductors from many European countries. For example: he assisted in the production of Projofjev’s cantata “Alexandr Něvskij“ with conductor Andrej Boreyko and Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. As a choir-conductor he also cooperated in the production of Mahler’s II. Symphony with conductor James Levine in Switzerland, Bach’s Mass in B – minor in Marseille among a few. He performed in festivals in France, Germany , Spain, Italy among many countries. One of the great accomplishment was his cooperation with the Choir Santa Cecilia in Roma. In the field of the opera he performed as a choir-conductor with the choirs in Rouen and in the festival in Orange in France (in Orange with conductor L.Slatkin)

Among his most significant creative initiative in the field of choir-conduction has been the performance of the world premiere of the composition “Es werde Licht“ written by Czech comtemporary composer Petr Eben. This compositions was performed by him in the festival of European Church Music in Schwäbisch Gmünd in Germany, in August 2001. The great significance has been the fact, that this piece was arranged particulary for this festival and was very positively appreciated by the music reviews , for both composition and performing.

As a conductor Stefan Britvik cooperates with the wide range of Czech orchestras and he performs with these orchestras both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He closely assists with Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Musici di Praga, The Chamber Orchestra of the National Theatre among many others. At the moment he is the chief conductor and an art leader of Symphony Prague.

Among his most significant creative initiative in the field of conducting was the performance of the ¨REQUIEM¨ written by Armenian composer living in Switzerland Haig Vartan. This composition was accomplished as a world premiere in Geneve and Zurich, in the memory of the Armenian genocide. In Paris he performed Mozart Symphonic concertante and Haydn´s – Missa Sancti Bernadeti with Janacek Chamber Orchestra and The Chamber Choir of the Czech Radio. Also the performance of Haydn‘s Nelsonmesse and Dvorak ‘s Mass in D – major in Monreale in Sicily in 2003 was a remarkable performance.

In February 2004, Stefan Britvik took part in the opening of “ The Year of the Czech Music“ in the festival in L’Esplanade Opera Theatre in Saint-Etienne in France. There he performed Smetana’s “Moldau“ (Vltava), Dvorak’s “ New World Symphony“ and Dvorak’s concert for violoncello with the excelent solist Mark Drobinky. Also this concert had exceptional public acceptance as well as outstanding local newspaper reviews.

In 2006 Stefan Britvik participated in a significant and succesful concert tour with the orchestra in Italy , where he performed classical czech repertoire – a cycle of symphonic poems “My Country“ by B. Smetana and Symphony Number 9 “From the New World“ by A.Dvorak.

This concert was positively appreciated by the music reviews, in Naples , Catanzaro among several others. In July , this time in Palermo, he worked with the Czech Radio Choir in the production of “Carmina Burana“ under conduction of Maestro Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos.

In September he cooperated with the Czech Radio Choir in the festival Prague Autumn, where the Choir performed sacred cantata “Davide penitente“ together with Salzburg Chamber Philharmonic. Also he performed with the Czech Radio Choir Missa Brevis in C – major by Z.Kodály in the Autumn Festival of Church Music in Olomouc. In October 2006 in Hamburg he cooperated with the Czech Radio Choir in the production of 13th Symphony “Babi Jar“ by D. Shostakowitsch, where the choir cooperated with Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and its principal conductor Maestro A.Boreyko.

At the turn of year 2006 Stefan Britvik was on a big tour with his orchestra in Spain, where he appeared on the stage with New Year Concerts, interpreting compositions by Strauss, Smetana, Dvorak, Suk and others. All the concerts in Spain took place with excepcional public acceptance as well as positive newspaper reviews (in Alicante, San Sebastian among several others).

In October he was again on a tour in Spain, where he performed Beethoven΄s Concert for violin, Mozart΄s Concert for clarinet and Italien Symphony by Mendelssohn. Also this tour was very positevely accepted by various Spanish music assosiations. In November he conducted opening concert of the Festival Cantelli in Italien Novara, where he performed compositions of Tschaikowski and Schubert.

As a conductor he cooperates with a Czech recording company MULTISONIC, in which he has recorded many CDs, many of the recording has been world premiere

For his artistical work Stefan Britvik has been published in personal encyclopedia “WHO IS WHO“ in the Czech Republic, II. Edition, in 2003.